The Slime Princess- Mini Emoji face slime
The Slime Princess- Mini Emoji face slime
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The Slime Princess- Mini Emoji face slime

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Random emoji face will be sent unless you state in comments before checkout which design you would like out of the below :

Emoji with heart eyes šŸ˜

Emoji wink face with tongue out šŸ˜œ

Emoji with laughing tears šŸ˜‚

Emoji with sunglasses šŸ˜Ž

Emoji with wink eye šŸ˜‰

Nerd emoji šŸ¤“

PLEASE NOTE - if you purchase more than 1 mini emoji face slime & do not give instructions on which design you would prefer we will send you a random mix of faces.Ā 


white glue

Good colouring

baking soda

contact lens solution.Ā 

Each Slime is handmade & made to order & Approx. 50mls per container.Ā 

Once order is placed, please allow 2-5 business days for production.Ā 


Each Slime order comes with a free small vile of activator to add to your slimes if they become too sticky.Ā 


If slime becomes too sticky , please add some activator (contact lens solution)Ā 

If Slime becomes too hard , put slime into a bowl & add 1-2 teaspoons of warm-hot water to melt slime slightly then knead slime with hands until it softens again.Ā 

An alternate way to fix over activated slime is adding a teaspoon of body lotion / moisturiser & a splash of water. Mix the 2 together & then start kneading your slime until it is soft again.Ā 


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